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  • Lives are being lost. Streets are unsafe. 

    It’s time to fix and improve Ballot Measure 110

    House Republicans Are Committed to Hearing All Potential Solutions to Fix
    Measure 110

    Ballot Measure 110 was approved by Oregon voters in 2020. The measure decriminalized certain drugs and dedicated cannabis taxes with the promise to fund treatment. Since then, with overdoses and addiction on the rise and open-air drug use rampant on city streets, it’s clear Measure 110 isn’t working as promised. Publicly available polls indicate voters want the law substantially changed or even repealed.  

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    • Conservative has success in Gresham Barlow School Board Race

      Business owner, David Ligatich ran for and won Position 7 on the Gresham-Barlow School Board. David is new to politics, but he is not new in his understanding of what makes organizations work. He plans to bring his leadership and business experience into his position with the school board. I spoke with David by phone and asked him about his motivation in running for school board and what he hopes to accomplish.