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  • Elections Coming!

    Elections Coming!

    Key State Offices On the Ballot Secretary of State State Treasurer Attorney General All Open Offices for May 21, 2024 Election Oregon Primary May 21, 2024 – Open Offices General Election November 5, 2024 Find Your Legislator Will Lathrop is the first Republican to declare for Oregon’s Attorney General race Statewide Election

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  • Lives are being lost. Streets are unsafe. 

    Lives are being lost. Streets are unsafe. 

    It’s time to fix and improve Ballot Measure 110 House Republicans Are Committed to Hearing All Potential Solutions to FixMeasure 110 Ballot Measure 110 was approved by Oregon voters in 2020. The measure decriminalized certain drugs and dedicated cannabis taxes with the promise to fund treatment. Since then, with overdoses and addiction on the rise…

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    If you would like to attend an event but are unable to pay the price of admission, let us know so we can help.

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