Multnomah County Republican Party

Resolution on Voter Ballots

Whereas, the validity of past elections is in question, and to ensure future election integrity;

Resolved, That we (the Multnomah County Republican Party in co-operation with willing parties) file and publish an Initiative Petition to the effect that each State-wide election be held on a single day, for voters to vote in person, each with current voter identification (including current residential address), to receive provided paper ballots in person in their Precinct, to cast those ballots at Precinct locations, to be counted by hand and tallied in each Precinct, the results of which are to be forwarded to the Secretary of State. Voters shall receive sample ballots at least two weeks prior to each election.

— Resolution adopted by the Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) Executive Committee on Monday, December 4th, 2023.






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