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Survey: What do you know about abortion?

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    1. How many Planned Parenthood clinics are in the United States?

    2. The number of Pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the US are:

    3. Planned Parenthood provides:

    4. The average age of a woman seeking an abortion is:

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    5. One of the impacts of overturning Roe V Wade is that physicians could be prevented from providing evidence-based medical care for the treatment of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

    6. What does a woman with an unexpected pregnancy fear the most?

    7. Abortion clinics in Oregon must meet the same health care standards as other medical clinics and receive regular, mandatory inspections.

    8. Oregon requires parental consent for minors obtaining an abortion.

    9. What is the greatest predictor of breast cancer in women?

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    10. What abortion method accounts for 50% of abortions?

    11. What percent of women who conceive after rape choose to carry their baby to term?

    12. What are Oregon’s limits on abortion?

    13. More access to birth control will prevent abortion.

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    14. Get answers and more at The Politics of Abortion: Challenging the Narrative! Join us January 27th, 2024. Enter a valid email address for event details.

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