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Election on March 16! Your Candidates for Oregon National Committeewoman and Committeeman

Rejeana Jackson is the current Chair of Klamath County Republican Party and served as a PCP since 2020. She has experience in business and communication. Rejeana is endorsed by Turning Point USA.
Tracy Honl is the current NCW at RNC advocating for Oregon and the grass-roots. Tracy has the endorsement of the Young Republicans and House and Senate Caucus.
Helen Rey-Heller is the Vice-chair of Washington County Republican Party. She is an immigrant from Indonesia and an American-first activist. ORP needs a move away from status quo. Helen has non-profit fundraising experience.
Dan Mason has served as an Oregon Government Ethics Commissioner. He was a 2016 Republican candidate for District 30 of the Oregon House of Representatives.
Solomon Yue is a long-time Republican Party official and Oregon’s Republican National Committeeman (RNC).
Jerry Cummings pastors Haven Church in Columbia County.  He serves as a PCP, chairman of the Columbia GOP Rules committee, and on the county GOP Executive Committee; and he is the alternate county delegate to Oregon Republican Party. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in the fields of Sacred History and Sacred Literature. He is a dedicated Republican who desires to continue to serve his fellow Republicans on the Republican National Committee.
Don Powers is the ORP Co-Chair of Election Integrity. Don pledges to work closely with our ORP Chair and National Committee Woman to bring money to the ORP to support District, County, and PCP efforts across the state, educate national stakeholders on the progress we are making in the battle to turn Oregon red, ensure the Republican voice of Oregon is heard at the RNC and federal level, coordinate with the ORP and counties to bring events to Oregon which will inspire, and educate and advance the America First Agenda.



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  1. Christine Tharp Avatar
    Christine Tharp

    Voting by mail opens the door for major voter fraud. We would like to talk to somebody about what can be done to change the way we vote in Oregon.

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